Reliv Independent Distributor

Be The Best Boss You've Ever Had

If you're passionate about wellness and want to work for yourself, it's time to start your own business as a Reliv Independent Distributor! 

Repeat Customers Are The Best 

The beauty of selling nutritional supplements is that they're consumable. So you don’t just make a sale and move onto the next person. People enjoy and reorder their Reliv products month after month, so your customers will keep coming back to you. Build your loyal fanbase of customers and distributors and you'll make money as you build your team.

Low Start Up Costs. High Rewards.

Going into business for yourself doesn't have to cost a small fortune. In fact, it's just $40 to get started with Reliv. Plus, it's zero risk with our 100% buyback and moneyback guarantee. 

Become a Reliv Independent Distributor and get: 

  • Up to a 40% product discount 
  • The top compensation plan in the industry
  • Free direct deposit right to your bank account for faster payments
  • The chance to earn cash bonuses & all-inclusive trips
  • A proven business model with online training and nationwide events
  • Cutting-edge, on-site US product development & manufacturing that we oversee
  • Professional marketing tools 
  • A friendly customer service center
  • A global distribution network