Reliv Independent Distributor
Brandon Richey, B.S.,CSCS Owner: Brandon Richey Fitness LLC Author Of The Brandon Richey Fitness Blog  
As a strength and conditioning coach that has had a lifetime of studying and understanding the human body, its performance, and its proper health I've always been a big believer in "being your own advocate" when it comes to disease and injury prevention. 

The truth is that there are a lot of products out on the market these days that are geared towards trying to "reinvent the wheel," but the truth is that the wheel works just fine! At the end of the day the body just needs optimal nutrition and smart training. Outside of that everything else is a waste of time. 

This is why I've become more and more interested in Reliv. This is largely due in part to my good friends David Mahle and Jeff Perry who have both had signficant personal experiences with the product. I do recommend it to my students and am looking forward to experiencing all of the various lines of the product!